White Paper

Questions to Ask Your Chocolate Manufacturer
Before Signing with Them

Questions to Ask Your Manufacturer White Paper

What’s Inside?

Choosing a chocolate manufacturer as your vendor to help you with your confectionery, bakery or ice cream product development project can be a tricky event.

Not every manufacturer will be as forthcoming with their information. Therefore, it is up to you to ask the right questions and see if the answers are satisfactory, as well as make sure that the chocolate manufacturing company is reputable and most importantly, able to deliver on all its promises.

This white paper will help you make a firm judgment on whether or not your next chocolate manufacturer is the right choice, and help you uncover and reduce risks when going through the initial manufacturer interview stages.

Who is this white paper for?

- Professionals who work for a food manufacturer or food brand
- Procurement professional who is in need of a chocolate product or is looking to reduce the cost of your current chocolate ingredient
- Research & Development professional that requires a customized chocolate product designed specifically for your confectionery, bakery or ice cream product
- You are in need of a large volume (in tons) of couverture or compound chocolate product on a regular monthly basis

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What you'll get from the white paper

Vital questions you should ask to efficiently and thoroughly evaluate a potential chocolate manufacturer. Knowing these questions will save you cost later down the line.

What are the indicators of a credible chocolate manufacturer and what questions you should ask to discover this

Learn what the must-have components are of reputable chocolate manufacturers. Knowing these points will save you time, money and effort