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Dark Compound Chocolate

Dark compound chocolate is one product category that you can use as an ingredient in many types of confectionery, industrial bakery and ice cream products. Our compound chocolate has been specially modified from vegetable fats and cocoa powder. Compound chocolate has a higher melting point, can withstand higher temperatures and does not have to go through a tempering process like couverture chocolate.

Our dark compound chocolate products come in the form of coins, chips, blocks, tablets, paste, syrups and drink mix powders that can be utilized by food manufacturing companies and large-scale food production businesses.

It is suitable for various types of chocolate processing application techniques, such as coating, dipping, filling, molding, and decorating. With a yearly production volume capability of 80,000 Tons, we can produce large-scale volumes and can export across the South East Asian, African and Middle Eastern regions.

This compound chocolate product is suitable for food manufacturing companies that produce confectionery, industrial bakery, and Quick Food Service, fast food and ice cream products.

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Dark Compound Chocolate Customization

Do you require a more customized version of dark compound chocolate products? We can help. Our Research & Development team can customize dark chocolate according to the specifications that you require while taking cost, performance and taste into consideration.

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