Sustainable Procurement Management

To minimize environmental and human rights issues, Freyabadi Indotama, in accordance with the direction from Fuji Oil Group, prioritizes ecological balance (Sustainability) in every activity related to the sourcing of high quality and safe raw materials.

Palm Oil Management Policy

In accordance with the direction of Fuji Oil Group, since March 2016, Freyabadi Indotama is committed to procure palm oil produced from suppliers who adopt responsible growing methods and fully respect the surrounding communities.

As stated in Fuji Oil Group’s Responsible Palm Oil Sourcing Policy, Freyabadi Indotama carries our palm oil procurement in accordance with applicable policies that have been approved by our stakeholders. Freyabadi Indotama is committed to continue responsible palm oil procurement to ensure it remains a sustainable raw material.


Cocoa Management Policy

Cocoa plays a vital role in every step of the chocolate manufacturing process. Thus, Freyabadi Indotama has always been concerned about the well-being and fair treatment of the cocoa farmers, the aging of the cocoa plants, low quality cocoa production due to lack of education and proper tools and materials in the cocoa processing area, which can hamper the chocolate business as a whole

Through the agreement that emerged from The Roundtable for a Sustainable Cocoa Economy (RCSE), Freyabadi Indotama is committed to contributing to the sustainable procurement of raw materials by helping the lives of cocoa farmers. The commitments include:

  • Improve the standard of living for cocoa farmers
  • Abolishing child labor from our supply chain
  • Prevent the destruction of the rainforest

Suppressing the Pace of Climate Change

The negative impact of climate change has a significant impact on society. Therefore, Freyabadi Indotama has always put their commitment to helping reduce the rate of climate change through its various activities.

In accordance with the standards agreed in the Paris Agreement, Freyabadi Indotama has a target to reduce Co2 emissions by 40%  for Scope 1 & Scope 2, and Scope 3 by 18% by 2030.



Paris Agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Freyabadi Indotama & Fuji Oil Group Initiatives 

Milestones by 2030

Reduce Co2 Emmissions

  • Reduce energy consumption by introducing equipment and machinery that have renewable energy capabilities
  • Reduction of Co2  by 40 % for scope 1* and 2*
  • Reduction by 18% for scope 3*

Reduce water consumption

  • Increase the efficiency of water usage throughout the production process 
  • Managing waste in accordance with the standards and regulations in each country we operate
  • Minimize the impact of our factories impact on water sources and monitor any risks associated with water

Reducing the usage of packaging materials

  • Reducing the usage of plastic packaging material by replacing it with recycled material throughout 2020

  • Eliminate plastic material for the entire packaging process 


* Scope 1: Emissions from primary sources owned and directly controlled

* Scope 2: Indirect emissions from consumed electricity, steam, heat and cooling

* Scope 3: Indirect emissions arising from the supply chain within the company