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Compound Chocolate

Compound chocolate is a product that always offers flexibility for its users in the food service and food manufacturing industry. It is a chocolate product that substitutes the cocoa butter with a more stable vegetable fat. There are several benefits, in that it is much more affordable than couverture chocolate, it has a higher melting point and thus withstands more heat and there is no need for a tempering process.

Compound chocolate can be used without needing to have extra tempering equipment or special chocolate training. This allows for you to create chocolate creations in a more efficient manner. Compound chocolate is recommended for various application techniques such as dipping, coating, filling, molding and decorating and suitable for any food processing companies (confectionery, ice cream, bakery and others).

Dark Compound Chocolate


Dark  compound chocolate comes in block, stick and chip/drop form

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Milk Compound Chocolate


Milk  compound chocolate comes in block, stick and chip/drop form

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White Compound Chocolate


White  compound chocolate comes in block and chip/drop form

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Strawberry Compound Chocolate


Strawberry  compound chocolate currently comes in block form

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Customization of Compound Chocolate

Our compound chocolate comes in the form of various weighted blocks (1kg-5kg), coin, chip/drop, stick shape. Additionally, we can also create chocolate spreads and fillings. Our chocolate products are completely customizable in terms of weight, size and length and ingredient composition.

If you require a customizable compound chocolate solution, click the button below to get in touch with one of our consultants.

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