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Milk Couverture Chocolate

Milk couverture chocolate is a type of high-quality chocolate product made from cocoa butter and chocolate liquor. Our milk couverture chocolate product can be used to make various confectionery products such as pralines, bonbons, truffles, chocolate bars, cookies and biscuits.

It can be used to coat, dip, mold confections and baked goods, but can also be used as a filling for various candy and confectionery products. Couverture chocolate does require a tempering process to give it a sheen and a snap when making chocolate bars.

The milk couverture chocolate comes in several shapes such as tablets, coins, chips, and more.

Our milk couverture chocolate product is suitable for food manufacturing companies who produce confectionery, industrial bakery, fast food and ice cream products.

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Milk Couverture Chocolate Customization

Do you require a milk couverture chocolate product that needs to be customized according to your own specifications of shape, taste, performance and cost? We can help. Our research and development team will work with you to design a fully customizable couverture chocolate product. Click the button below to speak to a consultant.

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