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Plant-Based Chocolate


This new product leverages plant-derived proteins to deliver a delicious and satisfying chocolate experience, without sacrificing taste or quality. We have meticulously reformulated our recipe to entirely replace animal-based ingredients with their plant-based counterparts, positioning ourselves as one of the pioneering chocolate manufacturers in Asia to achieve this feat

plant based white compound

Milky Compound with Plant-BasedIngredients


In answering the market’s increasing demand for plant-based food, PT Freyabadi Indotama has created white compound coating blocks made with plant-based ingredients. Use it for dipping in protein and granola bars, molding in confectionery, enrobing in bakery & cakes

What Is Dark Chocolate

Dark Compound with Plant-Based Ingredients


Introducing our Dark Compound with Plant-Based Ingredients! Experience the creamy and luscious taste of dark compound chocolate, now crafted with plant-based ingredients for a delightful and sustainable treat.

What Is Dark Chocolate

White Compound with Plant-BasedIngredients


The milky compound made with plant based ingredients is a versatile product and can be used for dipping, molding and enrobing applications for baked goods & cakes 

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