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Chocolate Manufacturing Company & Supplier

Freyabadi Indotama

Who Do We Help?


Ice Cream

Chocolate is among the top preferred ice cream flavors all over the world and Freyabadi Indotama has always been a consistent supplier of various leading ice cream companies, both in the domestic and international markets. Freyabadi Indotama's couverture and compound chocolate selections can support your ice cream products through its versatile applications, whether you’d like to use it to flavor, dip or use as a topping.



Freyabadi Indotama aims to fulfill the needs of confectionery industry players and businesses, through high-quality chocolate products. Various confectionery applications ranging from cake sprinkles, candy coatings to candy filling are made easier by using couverture and compound chocolate from Freyabadi Indotama.


Industrial Bakery & Pastry

The bakery and pastry industry is a dynamic sector that is growing at a fast pace. The need and familiarity of consumers that like to enjoy light yet nutritious meals are driving the demand for bread and bread-based products. Freyabadi Indotama has worked closely, and supported many vendors within this industry for more than 25 years, and therefore has a very deep understanding with regard to these needs.

soft serve ice cream Quick Service Restaurant

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

The demand for fast food (Quick Service Restaurants) continues to increase from year to year. To meet the needs of this industry segment, Freyabadi Indotama provides a premium quality product range derived from the best chocolate blends, suitable for coating, filling, dipping, to beverage applications. We also provide a modified chocolate formula to suit your particular fast food recipe, and can help to reduce production costs to increase efficiency.

Freyabadi also supports home bakers and foodservice businesses such as HoReCa, bakeries, and baking supply stores through our B2C brands Tulip and our premium brand Embassy.

Tulip Chocolate
Embassy Chocolate

Our Factory

To support business expansion and meeting market demand for chocolate, Freyabadi Indotama owns three factories in Karawang and Surabaya in Indonesia, and in Rayong, Thailand. The factories are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and machinery that support the numerous chocolate production requirements of the market.

With a large production capacity, Freyabadi Indotama has over 530 employees in Indonesia and Thailand, equipped with the expertise and passion to produce the best chocolate products. To that end, Freyabadi Indotama is committed to providing a stimulating and safe working environment for our employees.

Freyabadi Indotama has a highly experienced research and development team that is ready to create custom chocolate products according to your business needs.

Our West Java factory has obtained safety, protection and product quality standards and certifications. For more information, please visit our Standards & Certifications page by clicking here.



Our Services

Helping our clients create custom chocolate for any product application.


Custom Product Development

Our Research & Development team has over 25 years of experience creating chocolate for almost any chocolate application imaginable.


Chocolate School

Chocolate School is the platform where we share that knowledge to the public, to our customers and chocolate enthusiasts.

Webinar Service

We provide webinar programs for R&D professionals looking to stay up to date with the trends as well as 1-on-1 webinar services to assist clients with virtually any aspect of your chocolate development project.

Woman working on her computer

Can we help you with your chocolate product development project?